Saturated Steam Treatment

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saturated steam treatment

Organic Weed Control in Adelaide Streets

Videos On Steam Weeding in Urban Areas



A change is taking place in how we treat weeds in our urban streets, parks and gardens. It is happening in Melbourne, in Sydney, in Fremantle , in Margaret River, in Byron Bay….and now Adelaide! It is happening in Canada, USA, Europe & UK. It is happening in agriculture, in horticulture, and viticulture.

Every community is coming to realise that current practices are in the long term, unsustainable. We would all like to lessen our reliance on chemical/herbicide control, and where advances in technology allow this to occur, make the switch.

Well that day has arrived in Adelaide. Here the weed maintenance crew are out successfully controlling community weeds in suburban streets, and all that is in the tank is water!

As the community becomes more aware that this is now possible, more Councils will be wanting to come on board to benefit their residents.

As the old Bob Dylan classic says  “The times they are a changin’ ”

Go Clean, Go Green, Go Steam !

Now the technology is here…and it works ….isn’t it time to talk to your Local Council or your School Committee about making the switch, and moving away from herbicides. Time to go

                                     Clean & Green with Saturated Steam!

Saturated Steam Treatment by Weedtechnics. Jeremy Winer’s patented technology is a game changer when it comes to treating weeds with water.

The delivery of the right amount of water and steam at 100C at the applicator head is critical to effective weed control. The SW 800 does just that, and that’s why we use it. It is proven and the best. It works.

Down load my free report on the front page for all the details on how you and your community can benefit by using Saturated steam, a chemical –free alternative in your community.

Steam weeding with Weedtechnics explained – Video

Steam weeding in Housing development in WA – Video

physical removal

Physical removal – digging, pulling, hoeing, brush-cutting, mowing, slashing, abrasion, grinding.

Our grounds maintenance crews provide all the above services. After making a site assessment we would recommend one or a combination of methods to best achieve what you need.


Competition – competitive planting with the right density and type of planting can out compete weeds.

Our horticulturalist can advise on suitable plants for your situation and area, and source their supply and arrange installation


Covering/Smothering – Mulching with a range of materials, covering with weed matting, all preventing sunlight reaching the ground are effective in preventing germination or smothering weed growth.

We can advise and supply mulching material, and arrange for the spread of this to suppress your weeds, feed your plants, and save you water through evaporation.


Design and construction and aspect – thoughtful design, construction, material choice and the aspect and amount of sun, shade and rain an area receives can advantage or disadvantage invasive weed species.

If you have a new site, or redevelopment that needs the right plant selections, sourcing and installation, to not only look good, but provide minimum opportunity for weed infestation, then we can arrange this for.

Regular maintenance programs can be arranged to suit your property, industrial, commercial, government or private.